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FullTime Employment [FTE]

Employee hereby accepts employment by Employer upon the terms and conditions contained herein and agrees....Learn More

Contract To Hire [C2H]

A contract-to-hire agreement is a short-term work relationship that may vary from six months to one year with an option to become...Learn More

Contract Hiring

Temporary staff play an important role in a company. We provide businesses with highly qualified professionals who can fill...Learn More

Campus Hiring

Hiring campus talent, especially millennials, is a jigsaw puzzle that HR leaders are constantly trying to decode. On one hand...Learn More

Leadership Hiring

Sureminds Consultants has been a force to reckon with in the Leadership Hiring domain for over 25+ years. We pride ourselves on being a Boutique Leadership Hiring Firm...Learn More

Managed IT Services

As a managed service provider, we take up, end-to-end accountability and ownership which lowers your risk. Suremind's Managed Services offer you the flexibility and enable...Learn More

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