IT Staffing Process flow

1. Job Analysis & Planning

Manpower planning can be regarded as the quantitative and qualitative measurement of labour force required in an enterprise.

2. Approach to HR Software

Recruitment is a process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization. It stands for finding the source from where potential employees will be selected.

3. Candidate Sourcing

Selection is a process of eliminating those who appear unpromising. The purpose of this selection process is to determine whether a candidate is suitable for employment in the organization or not. Therefore, the main aim of the process of selection is selecting the right candidates to fill various positions in the organization. A well-planned selection procedure is of utmost importance.

4. Candidate Evaluation

We conduct the best assessments to check the skills, knowledge, ability to perform and behavioural style.

5. Placement

Placement means putting the person on the job for which he is selected. It includes introducing the employee to his job.

6. Background Verification

Sureminds have their own background verification client to process the genuine candidates and deployed accordingly.

7. Offer and Joining

The candidate should be offered after the undergoing the background verification process the confirmation letter will be released.

8. On Boarding and Integration

Selected candidates were deployed in client's locations and the On boarding process will be done by the client.